“6 important steps to Nude makeup A girl”

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Nude makeup Many people may be afraid that they will make them look sick, but GL says that in fact, choosing a nude tone can be beautiful every day. Where the key is to choose a lip color If you choose the right color that suits you, it will help up your look to be soft and beautiful, natural, super glamourous. Look like a girl with rice Dress it out and how attractive it will be, let’s go ahead and try it together.

1. Choose a contact lens color

Makeup is the first step that girls I need to give me enough attention. Because choosing colors will give you different feelings depending on your preferences. The contact lenses that will make our eyes look dazzling, will have 4 base colors, the main colors are gray, brown, blue, green. To get eyes that look as soft as a young European from birth And wearing contact lenses should be worn after washing your face Because after this, we will be ready to make up No need to mess up after wearing it after the makeup is done ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

2. Choose a foundation or powder foundation.

This look is considered a look that we consider the smoothness of the face quite a bit. Choosing a foundation or powder foundation will help hide blemishes or wrinkles. Applying a foundation for a smooth and natural look. Recommend to use as a brush or a sponge to spread the foundation. Because both of them will help spread the foundation to swallow down the skin that our fingers cannot reach. Anyone who has wrinkles, can use concealer to cover the spots. If you choose to be a water type, it will look the smoothest. Apply with a small brush on the head, just like this, the skin looks smoother already. As for anyone who doesn’t like applying foundation Just apply powder foundation alone as well.

3. Apply the eyes and incise the eyes

To write the eyes of this look, you have to choose a nude, glitter and matte eyeshadow color mixed together. To make the eye makeup look more smooth and perfect It starts with a slick of flesh colored glitter as a base on the eyelids and then a soft orange and brown color to the layers. Add sharpness to the look to make the eyes look even more attractive with a little eyeliner. And don’t forget to apply the top of the eye with highlights to give the eyes even more dimension. Then curl the lashes and apply mascara to make your eyes look more prominent and bigger.

4. Highlight – Contour your face perfectly

For those who want to make the face frame look clearer and have more dimensions Taking down highlights and light contours Will help our page be more accurate We have to choose a blonde that is not too dark. And highlights that are not too bright or have too much glitter So that the look still comes out not too natural and too thick By choosing to apply according to the style that we picked up, it will definitely come out with a natural dimension.

5. Blush

If the girls notice it carefully, this look will not make the cheeks look heavy, preferring to apply a light color. Giving the cheeks a slightly colored, beautiful color The color that should be chosen must be a light nude shade such as nude brown, nude pink or nude orange. Just brushing the cheekbones slightly to the face of the cheeks can make the look look soft.

6. Apply lip stick

Choosing a nude lipstick to survive. We have to choose a shade that is not too light. Choose a color that has muddy pigments of orange, brick, brown and slightly hidden pink. By the way, apply a nude lip color that will make girls’ lips. Looks plump, full, beautiful, most kissable. We will have to use a lip brush to touch the color and apply the lip line clearly before. Recommend to write a little beyond the lip line. To make the mouth look fuller than before. Then add the lip meat to fill up Can complete it.